FAQ: Responding to Criticisms on Gaza


At Democrats for Israel Los Angeles, we've seen the Facebook posts heating up on Operation Protective Edge.  We all support Israel, but we also know as Democrats, we want to stand up for those who don't have a voice or are stuck in conflicts as the victims between battling sides.    Make no mistake, the battle to blunt Hamas' rocket attacks and tunnels is real and requires a strong response, but we also need to be prepared to answer the misconceptions of what is going on in the region by those who do not have a complete understanding.   

The below FAQ should be helpful.  There are no links to Syrian atrocities (something both sides have done), and only one link uses a general conservative "right wing' news source (e.g. Breitbart or other right-leaning commentary blogs dealing with U.S. politics).  Some of our sources are coverage from international journalists who could not release their stories until they left Gaza for fear of their own safety.

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Proposed Obama Budget Increases Israeli Missile Defense

President Obama's proposed budget increases U.S. Military Aid to Israel's missile defense efforts from $95 million to $96.8 million.   DFI-LA President Andrew Lachman applauded the move noting that the military partnerships with Israel have created new technology to make Israel safer from rocket attacks while creating jobs and advancing military technology here in the U.S.

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Gov Brown and PM Netanyahu Sign MOU on Trade and Tech

MOUNTAIN VIEW -- Gov. Jerry Brown and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to the heart of the Silicon Valley on Wednesday and signed a deal that would promote trade and joint research between the Jewish state and California.

The ceremony at the Computer History Museum was the latest international agreement signed by Brown, who led a trade mission to China last year and plans to take a delegation to Mexico this summer.

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Kerry speech at AIPAC highlights support for Israel

Secretary Kerry's comments to AIPAC, highlighted keeping Iran accountable and the administration support for Israel.  Have a read of his complete comments.

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UCLA Rejects BDS

The UCLA student government recently considered, and rejected a motion to encourage divestment in companies doing business with Israel and the West Bank.      Democrats for Israel supports Bruins for Israel and applauds the decision to reject such penalties.

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The tentative Iran deal: What we know

There's been a lot of hyberbole going around about the tentative Iran nuclear.    Rather than do that, let's deal with the facts and review what we know about the deal reached between the P5+1 (US, UK, France, Russia, China and EU) and Iran:

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Obama and Netanyahu Meet: "Eyes Wide Open" on Iran

This past roller coaster month in the Middle East has left us in a position that can only be described as a sense of "cautious optimism".

Our optimism, however, comes from the recent meeting between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu. Obama has made it clear that Israel's security is paramount and as the two leaders work closely together to define the parameters of a truly promising diplomatic moment.

Bibi's prudent "eyes wide open" approach is resonating clearly in the international community.

Truly, there are nice words coming out of Iranian President Rouhani and they are a nice shift from the anti-Israel demagoguery of the Ahmadinejad era, but only action counts. Words are meaningless without unambiguous and measurable actions to support them. The kinder words, though, are promising and an indication that the economic sanctions are having a significant impact within Iran.

The relationship between the United States and Israel is closer than it has ever been with sanctions that have actually been working. As we said, this is a promising position, but Bibi is correct. President Obama has made clear we must not be so hopeful for peace that we refuse to acknowledge history or demand action.

Iran must demonstrate its commitment to peace through the dismantling of their nuclear program before any sanctions are lifted or we risk providing the economic sustenance necessary to embolden a regime with a proven track record of supporting global terrorism and the complete destruction of Israel at precisely the moment we've been working to reach.

And so we stand, cautiously optimistic. Cautious because of our acceptance of reality. Optimistic because Obama and Bibi are working together.

Times of Israel: Obama's Unsurpassed Support for Israel's Security



The ink on newspapers touting President Obama’s re-election victory had barely dried when Hamas renewed its rocket attacks on Israel. Actually the rocket fire began in late October with 79 rockets launched into the Negev and Sderot from Gaza following the Emir of Qatar’s inaugural visit to Gaza. That pace picked up and accelerated in early November, along with direct attacks on IDF personnel just as the pundits were writing the obituaries on Mitt Romney’s loss.

If President Obama was the “most anti-Israel President ever,” then this would be the safest time for him to ignore Israel’s call for help and let the Arab nations in the United Nations crack down on Israel. However, that is not what has happen.

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Jewish Journal: Progressives Should Join Jews on Iran Strategy

(reprinted from the Jewish Journal)

Iran's nuclear ambitions have emerged not only as a foreign policy issue but recently have become an American political issue, as well.

In response to the news offensive by the neoconservative movement and the Bush administration threatening military action against Iran and without backing any real new diplomatic initiatives, the new progressives have made opposing pre-emptive military action against Iran by the United States a major issue.



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