The Los Angeles Voice of the Pro-Israel & Jewish Community
in the Democratic Party

Democrats for Israel Los Angeles is a Democratic Club advocating for the defense of Israel and issues of concern to the Jewish community in the Democratic Party. DFI Los Angeles promotes the liberal and progressive Democratic values to our many local communities in Los Angeles.


Democrats for Israel, Los Angeles is governed by its Board of Directors which is elected annually in late summer.

Founded in 1991 in Los Angeles, California by pro-Israel activists such as Congressman Brad Sherman, former Assemblyman Paul Koretz and Clinton White House Advisor John Emerson, DFI-LA works with other Pro-Israel groups to organize within the California Democratic Party opportunities to educate party activists about Israel and the Middle East.

Over the years, the organization grew and under the leadership of Howard Welinsky, Dr. Francine Hanberg, Jay Greenstein, Marilyn Landau, Edward Tabash, Andrew Lachman, Leeor Alpern and many others. The group has grown to become a full-fledged Democratic Club serving the role of reaching out to the Los Angeles County Jewish community on behalf of the Democratic Party as well as getting involved with other issues of concern to the Jewish community such as protecting religious tolerance, human rights abuses in North Korea and Darfur, civil rights and labor rights.  

DFI-LA works with a wide array of viewpoints that support Israel, but may or may not be supportive of specific policies.  DFI-LA has long maintained that while no democratic government is immune from criticism, the right of Israel to exist as a vibrant, tolerant, multicultural democracy that recognizes the Jewish roots and character of the country's history but protects the rights of all its citizens as equals must be protected.

Democrats for Israel continues its dominance as the sole Democratic Club of its kind in Los Angeles:

  • Sponsoring a 5 week ad campaign against the Republican Jewish Coalition 1 million dollar 2006 misinformation campaign

  • Supporting targeted Democratic candidates in every general and statewide election since 2008

  • Offering a speakers bureau to educate Democratic clubs about Israel, the Middle East and to refute the spate of inaccurate books about Israel, including the recent Jimmy Carter and Walt/Mearshimer books

  • Conducting local events on the nuances of the fascinating Israeli election process

  • Organizing community forums here in Southern California about Israel, Iran and international Anti-Semitism

  • Reaching out to progressive organizations to find common ground for the support of Israel and Jewish values

  • Hosting social events in and around Los Angeles, such as the Annual Garden Party fundraiser, Hannukah Party and California Democratic Convention Ice Cream Social


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Democrats For Israel, Los Angeles

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