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DFI Los Angeles - March 5, 2024 Primary Endorsements

Bolded is 'Strong Support' | Rest of listed names are 'Support', unless noted as Neutral or Oppose | asterisk (*) denotes an incumbent who is part of the Jewish caucus in Sacramento | Statewide endorsements by DFI-CA appear on

Dear Voters, the Democrats for Israel Los Angeles Executive Board is pleased to share our endorsements for the March 2024 primary. The E-Board gives all candidates seeking a specific office a “rating” ranging from STRONG SUPPORT to SUPPORT to NEUTRAL to OPPOSE, rather than limit the DFI LA rating to only one candidate.

Candidates fill out a lengthy questionnaire that includes questions about the candidate’s support for the State of Israel, their demonstrated record of fighting antisemitism, their past efforts to educate the community about the horrors of the Holocaust, and their commitment to fight to ensure that ethnic studies is taught in public schools using curriculum that is neither antisemitic nor anti-Israel. We have investigated and taken input on the records of incumbents running for reelection, and have collected extensive questionnaires from candidates running for office for the first time.

As a Democratic club chartered by the Los Angeles County Democratic Party and the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley, we only consider endorsements for registered Democrats, including for non-partisan offices. Candidates who have not received our endorsements may have intentionally not responded to our questionnaire, or may not have provided adequate information for us to make contact, or may have not requested a questionnaire. We would encourage you to make your vote selection from among the candidates who have either received “support” or “strong support” through this process.

Please note that DFI LA rarely gives a candidate an OPPOSE rating. A candidate has to have made public statements, in person, in print, or via social media, that are clearly antisemitic and/or anti-Israel.

Many of our questionnaires were distributed and a substantial number were returned prior to the tragic terrorist attack of October 7th. The attack has greatly shaken members of our board as it has so many in our community. Despite this tragedy and the rise in anti-Semitism that our community has been experiencing, we are greatly buoyed by the heartening responses from the vast majority of candidates who have responded to our questionnaire. It is clear that we have so much fertile ground in continuing to educate candidates for office and especially among the grassroots and leadership of the California and Los Angeles County Democratic parties. Please give strong consideration to joining our Democratic Club and becoming a part of this crucial effort in the months and years ahead.


U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff - Strong Support

U.S. Rep. Katie Porter - Support

U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee - Questionnaire Not Returned


CD-26 Julia Brownley - Support as the incumbent

CD-29 Luz Rivas - Strong Support

CD-30 Anthony Portantino - Strong Support

CD-30 Ben Savage - Strong Support

CD-30 Jirair Ratevosian - Support

CD-30 Laura Friedman - Strong Support

CD-30 Mike Feuer - Strong Support

CD-30 Nick Melvoin - Strong Support

CD-31 Bob Archuleta - Strong Support

CD-31 Gil Cisneros - Strong Support

CD-31 Mary Ann Lutz - Support

CD-31 Susan Rubio - Strong Support

CD-32 Brad Sherman - Strong Support as the incumbent

CD-34 Jimmy Gomez - Support as the incumbent

CD-35 Norma Torres - Support as the incumbent

CD-36 Ted Lieu - Strong Support as the incumbent

CD-37 Sydney Kamlager-Dove - Strong Support as the incumbent

CD-38 Linda Sanchez - Support as the incumbent

CD-42 Robert Garcia - Support as the incumbent

CD-44 Nanette Barragan - Support as the incumbent

CD-45 Derek Tran - Support

CD-45 Kim Nguyen-Penaloza - Support


SD-23 Kipp Mueller - Strong Support

SD-25 Sandra Armenta - Support

SD-25 Sasha Renee Perez - Support

SD-25 Yvonne Yiu - Support

SD-27 Henry Stern* - Strong Support as the incumbent

SD-35 Laura Richardson - Support

SD-35 Michelle Chambers - Support

SD-35 Nilo Vega Michelin - Support


AD-34 Ricardo Ortega Martinez Jr. - Support

AD-39 Juan Carrillo - Support as the incumbent

AD-40 Pilar Schiavo - Strong Support as the incumbent

AD-41 Jed Leano - Support

AD-41 John Harabedian - Support

AD-41 Phunte Riddle - Support

AD-42 Jacqui Irwin - Support as the incumbent

AD-43 Walter Garcia - Support

AD-44 Nick Schultz - Support

AD-44 Steve Pierson - Support

AD-46 Jesse Gabriel* - Strong Support as the incumbent

AD-48 Blanca Rubio* - Strong Support as the incumbent

AD-51 Rick Zbur* - Strong Support as the incumbent

AD-52 Ari Ruiz - Support

AD-52 David Giron - Support

AD-52 Jessica Caloza - Support

AD-53 Robert Torres - Support

AD-54 Mark Gonzalez - Support

AD-55 Aaron Ordower - Support 

AD-55 Isaac Bryan - Strong Support as the incumbent

AD-56 Lisa Calderon - Support as the incumbent

AD-57 Dulce Vasquez - Support

AD-57 Sade Elhawary - Support

AD-64 Blanca Pacheco - Support as the incumbent

AD-65 Mike Gibson - Support as the incumbent

AD-66 Al Muratsuchi - Support as the incumbent

AD-67 Sharon Quirk-Silva - Support as the incumbent

AD-69 Josh Lowenthal* - Strong Support as the incumbent


LA County BOS 2 - Holly Mitchell - Strong Support as the incumbent

LA County BOS 4 - Janice Hahn - Strong Support as the incumbent

LA County BOS 5 - Chris Holden - Strong Support

LA County BOS 5 - Konstantine Anthony - Oppose


LAC DA - Debra Archuleta - Support

LAC DA - Eric Siddell - Support

LAC DA - George Gascon - Strong Support as the incumbent

LAC DA - Jeff Chemerinsky - Strong Support

LAC DA - John McKinney - Support

LAC DA - Jonathan Hatami - Support

LAC DA - Judge Craig Mitchell - Support



LAUSD 1 Dr. DeWayne Davis - Support

LAUSD 1 Didi Watts - Support

LAUSD 1 Sherlett Hendy Newbill - Support

LAUSD 1 Kahllid Al-Alim - Oppose

LAUSD 3 Scott Schmerelson - Strong Support as the incumbent

LAUSD 5 Graciella Ortiz - Support


Los Angeles City Council District 2 - Adrin Nazarian - Strong Support

Los Angeles City Council District 2 - Jon-Paul Bird - Support

Los Angeles City Council District 2 - Manny Gonez - Support

Los Angeles City Council District 4 - Ethan Weaver - Support

Los Angeles City Council District 4 - Nithya Raman - Support

Los Angeles City Council District 10 - Aura Vasquez - Support

Los Angeles City Council District 10 - Grace Yoo - Support

Los Angeles City Council District 10 - Heather Hutt - Support

Los Angeles City Council District 10 - Reggie Jones-Sawyer - Support

Los Angeles City Council District 12 - Serena Oberstein - Strong Support

Los Angeles City Council District 14 - Miguel Santiago - Strong Support


Mary Wells - Support

Myra Demeter - Strong Support



Desiree Portillo Rabinov - Support


8th District - Dr. Sharifa Batts - Support


PCC Trustee, Area 4 - Tammy Silver - Support

  • For a few candidates who returned our questionnaire the Democrats for Israel Los Angeles Executive Board was not able to coalesce around a chosen endorsement level, so those candidates are listed here as neutral for the March 5, 2024 election cycle: Elizabeth Badger (LAUSD 3), Dan Chang (LAUSD 3), Kevin de León (Los Angeles City Council District 10)

  • To see our endorsements from prior election cycles - click here (

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