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DFI-LA is part of the council of Jewish Democratic clubs across California. We represent the entirety of Los Angeles County. If you are working on a story about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and are seeking context and comment, please reach out to any of the following contacts:

  • David Alpern - 562-275-3699, David @
  • Andrew Lachman - 310-947-5046, president @
  • Gregg Solkovits - 818-516-7962, @

Core Beliefs of DFI-Los Angeles toward the Middle East conflict and American society:

  • Two-State Solution - safeguards Israel's security and future as a Jewish and democratic state alongside the ability of Palestinians to live in their own independent state
  • Support pro-Israel candidates in the Democratic Party
  • Fight antisemitism in the Democratic Party and ethnic hate in society at large
  • We seek to help journalists by providing context on the conflict affecting the cherished and vital eastern Mediterranean region; which is the world's most dangerous neighborhood
  • Support the state’s ethnic studies guidelines, which contain clear antisemitism guardrails; however some local school boards have chosen to adopt a highly politicized “Liberated Ethnic Studies” version that paints all Jews as white or colonizers (whereas over half of Israel’s Jews - and 33% of US Jews - are actually from the Middle East, notably Iran, Iraq, Yemen, North Africa or Ethiopia).

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