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  • 14 May 2022 3:02 PM | Anonymous

    DFI-LA president Gregg Solkovits, and board member Miran Kalaydjian were invited to Southern California Armenian Democrats (SCAD) 2022 Candidate Meet and Greet event on Friday, May 13, 2022.

    With Araz Parseghian - SCAD President

    With Armond Aghakhanian - Burbank Unified School District Board of Education President

    With Bob Blumenfield

    With Christy Smith - Congress District 27 candidate

    With Daniel Hertzberg

    With Elizabeth and Manuel Magpapian - SCAD Legal Advisor

    With Kevin James - candidate for city attorney

    With Paul Koretz

  • 25 Apr 2022 8:39 PM | Anonymous

    DFI-Los Angeles Candidates Endorsements - November 2022

    Bolded (with large photo) is 'Strong Support' | Rest of listed names are 'Support', unless noted as Neutral


    AD 40
    Pilar Schiavo - Support

    AD 41
    Chris Holden - Support          

    AD 42
    Jacqui Irwin - Support

    AD 43
    Luz Rivas - Support

    AD 44
    Laura Friedman
     - Strong Support

    AD 46
    Jesse Gabriel (CA Legislative Jewish Caucus member) - Strong Support

    AD 48
    Blanca Rubio (CA Legislative Jewish Caucus member) - Strong Support

    AD 51
    Rick Chavez Zbur - Strong Support

    Louis Abramson - Support

    AD 52
    Wendy Carillo - Support

    AD 53
    Freddie Rodriguez - Support

    AD 54
    Miguel Santiago - Support

    AD 55
    Isaac Bryan - Support

    AD 56
    Lisa Calderon - Support

    AD 57
    Reggie Jones-Sawyer - Support

    AD 62
    Anthony Rendon - Strong Support

    AD 64
    Blanca Pacheco - Support

    AD 65
    Mike Gipson - Support

    AD 66
    Al Muratsuchi - Support

    AD 69
    Josh Lowenthal - Strong Support


    SD 20
    Caroline Menijvar - Support
    Daniel Hertzberg - Support

    SD 22
    Susan Rubio (CA Legislative Jewish Caucus member) - Strong Support

    SD 24
    Ben Allen (CA Legislative Jewish Caucus member) - Strong Support

    SD 26
    Maria Elena Duranzo - Support

    SD 32
    Bob Archuleta - Support


    Seat 1 - Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors
    Hilda Solis - Support

    Seat 3 - Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors
    Bob Hertzberg - Strong Support

    Lindsay Horvath - Strong Support

    Seat 5 - Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors
    Janice Hahn - Support

    Los Angeles County Accessor
    Jeffery Prang - Support

    Los Angeles County Sheriff
    Robert Luna - Support


    Los Angeles Mayor
    Karen Bass - strong support

    Los Angeles City Attorney
    Hydee Feinstein Soto - Support

    Los Angeles City Controller
    Paul Koretz - Strong Support

    Seat 3  Los Angeles City Council
    Bob Blumenfield - Strong Support

    Seat 5  Los Angeles City Council Sam Yebri - Strong Support

    Katy Young Yaroslavsky - Support

    Seat 7  Los Angeles City Council
    Monica Rodriguez - Support

    Seat 13  Los Angeles City Council
    Mitch O’Farrell - Strong Support

    Hugo Soto-Martinez - Oppose

    Seat 15  Los Angeles City Council
    Tim McOsker - Support

    Los Angeles Unified School Board, Seat 4
    Nick Melvoin - Strong Support

    Los Angeles Unified School Board, Seat 6
    Kelly Gonez - Support

    Los Angeles Community College District, Seat 4
    Sara Hernandez - Support


    Seat 3  Long Beach Community College District Board of Trustees
    Sunny Zia - Strong Support

    Mayor of Long Beach
    Suzie Price - Support


    CA-26 Congress
    Julia Brownley - Support

    CA-27 Congress
    Christy Smith - Support

    CA-28 Congress
    Judy Chu - Support

    CA-29 Congress
    Tony Cardenas - Strong Support

    CA-30 Congress
    Adam Schiff - Strong Support

    CA-31 Congress
    Grace Napolitano - Support

    CA-32 Congress
    Brad Sherman - Strong Support

    CA-34 Congress
    Jimmy Gomez - Support

    CA-35 Congress
    Norma Torres - Support              

    CA-36 Congress
    Ted Lieu - Strong Support

    CA-37 Congress
    Sydney Kamlager - Strong Support

    Jan Perry - Strong Support

    Sandra Mendoza - Support

    CA-38 Congress
    Linda Sanchez - Support

    CA-42 Congress
    Robert Garcia - Support

    CA-43 Congress
    Maxine Waters - Support

    CA-44 Congress
    Nanette Barragan - Strong Support

  • 16 Apr 2022 10:47 AM | Anonymous

    Idina Menzel, Ilana Glazer, Rachel Bloom and several other Jewish celebs discuss antisemitism on YouTube show

    In “Recipe for Change: Standing Up to Antisemitism,” a YouTube special released on Thursday 4/14/2022 a cohort of Jewish celebrities: Idina Menzel, Ilana Glazer, Rachel Bloom, Skylar Astin, Michael Twitty, Hannah Einbinder, Alex Edelman, Tommy Dorfman, Josh Peck, Hari Nef, and Michael Zegen discuss the current global rise of anti-Semitism.


    Article -

  • 6 Apr 2022 6:46 PM | Anonymous

    Tel Hashomer, also known as the Sheba Medical Center, in suburban Tel Aviv, has set up a field hospital in Ukraine. Israel's field hospital is the first foreign medical team to arrive and begin caring for hundreds of refugees each day. Medical volunteers are caring daily for long queues of people, many of them elderly.

    The Los Angeles Jewish Journal has published a first person account -

    More pictures of Israel's field hospital in Ukraine were published in the Jerusalem Post -

  • 13 Mar 2022 8:15 PM | Anonymous

    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken thanked Israel for its ongoing efforts to help facilitate an end to Russia’s destructive war with Ukraine as he and his Israeli counterpart, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid. Blinken told Lapid that any initiative to try to halt the conflict would be welcome as long as it is consistent with US, NATO, and European principles and that Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity are respected.

    Read more about Israel's efforts for a diplomatic resolution:

  • 2 Feb 2022 5:39 PM | Anonymous

    Israel Defense Minister Benny Gantz reported Israel has offered four times over the past year to provide emergency assistance to Lebanon and the Lebanese Armed Forces.

    Gantz explained the Lebanese army is suffering from a shortage of basic supplies and has lost more than 5,000 soldiers that abandoned it recently.

    Lebanon is dealing with an economic collapse, suffering and unemployment on a massive level, yet when Lebanon’s new Prime Minister Najib Mikati was sworn into office in September 2021, he said his government “will deal with anyone for the sake of Lebanon’s interest, with the exception of Israel, of course.”

    Fortunately, this has not dissuaded Minister Gantz from repeatedly extending a neighborly arm of friendship and resource driven support, in hope that eventually the offer will be accepted and the rebuilding of the Good Fence relationship between the two countries can recommence.

    Read more about Israel's repeated offers of support for Lebanon -

  • 16 Jan 2022 4:33 AM | Anonymous

    Lebanon is on the verge of collapse. With enlightened and innovative leadership by the US, Israel is offering itself as an ingredient to a solution, and this may even help reduce the destructive influence of Hezbollah and Iran in the region, while helping to begin the rehabilitation of a nation that is suffering so much.
    More: and

  • 9 Dec 2021 2:37 AM | Anonymous

    Israeli foreign minister, Yair Lapid, offers goodwill gesture to his Egyptian counterpart after meeting with President Sissi, bringing stone tablets, papyrus, idols and other stolen artifacts back to Cairo.

  • 12 Oct 2021 4:36 AM | Anonymous

    Israel has become the world leader in desalination and having solved its own water crisis is now using that developed technology to aid its neighbors and solve the water crisis in the parched desert region that is the Middle East.


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